Our Staff


Eva-Maria Connolly


Eva has been a resident of Grant Park for many years. Art has been a part of her life since she was 5 years old. She has a BFA degree from VSU and worked for many years as a graphic artist in the printing industry. From 200-2004 she owed another gallery in East Atlanta, on Glenwood avenue called "Martini-Girl" Art Gallery & fashion Boutique. 

Eva participated in many local & out of town shows, and her art is in many private collections here in the States like abroad (Germany, Switzerland & Australia to name a few).

Her experience ranges from creating art in various mediums to fashion design. She is very excited to be able to offer a venue to showcase established and emerging artists. She also wants to provide an environment for children and adults to explore and enhance their creativity. Eva hopes to be able to share her love of art and help others to express themselves.

Intern Instructor/Assistant

Claudia Restrepo

Claudia grew up in Medellin, Colombia. She traveled extensively through out South America and even lived in the Jungle. Her experiences influenced her perception of the World and her art.  Her art is colorful & depicts her love of nature, animal world and people. She has had a love for art since she was a child. Art-Haus is very lucky to have such an amazing artist & instructor on board. Miss Restrepo is Eva's right hand in all gallery matters.